High Waist and How It Can Work For You

High Waist and How It Can Work For You

You have probably seen a lot of high-waist pieces coming through the fashion pipe line. From high-waist shorts, jeans, wide leg pants and skirts/dresses... here is why this trend is going to last.

High-waist is not just for "moms/omoni's" anymore. Not only does it offer comfort to every female, but it also flatters most figures! Low-waist jeans always cut the visual line of sight at the widest part of your body (your hips)... and what girl wants that? A high-waist offers the eye sight to go from the floor all the way up to the skinniest part of your body (your actual waist) thus longating your legs and visually creating a taller, leaner figure. Let us answer your concerns below in a more bullet, straight to the point fashion:

  • I have a long torso: ... High-waist is PERFECT for you! It shortens the torso and creates a more asymmetrical figure shape (see Kate Middleton examples below)

The lower line makes her torso seem extra long and gives her a "boxy" shape.

This higher waist line evens out her longer torso and give a more flattering look!

  • I have a well endowed chest: high-waist can still work for you, but as long as you keep your tops more tight fitted versus going for a flowy top. This will help in keeping the shape of a skinny waist and (lucky you) well endowed chest area. If you want to reduce the chest area size, than go for a button up tucked in and with more of a puffy sleeve.
  • I'm too short: high-waist can definitely still work for you! Just make sure you look for bottoms that are either shorter (if it is shorts or skirts) or if a longer skirt or jeans, make sure they cut off at your ankle. You don't want to go too long on your bottoms so that way it gives the illusion of a taller figure.
  • I have a wide waist: measure your waist area... find the skinniest part of your body and measure from your pelvic area to the skinniest part. Typically a "high-waist" is around 10 inches and falls just shy of your belly button. But everyone is made different; the key is to find where your skinniest part of your waist is, and find a high-waist that cuts it off right at that point!

We hope we answered some of your questions, but always feel free to reach out to us! Below are some of our favorite high-waisted pieces currently in stock at OMONI Boutique! Click on photos to be taken directly to the item!

Thank you and until next time!

Jessica, Owner

May 08, 2018 by Jessica Hill
Fall Diet Tips From One OMONI to Another

Fall Diet Tips From One OMONI to Another

First, a disclaimer must be said! DISCLAIMER: I am no means a health expert, fitness guru or anything remotely close. There are mother's in far better shape than myself, who eat better, work out more and have more children! I am only an OMONI to one almost 3 year old boy currently, and I work full time as a Boutique owner but have been blessed with the luxuries of having child care (thank you Grandma!) and freedom of a more flexible schedule. I am only sharing my tips and tricks as one Mom (if you are like me) who does not care to work out a ton, who likes to splurge once in a while and eat what she wants... who has a very active social calendar that includes *gasp* alcohol consumption and other very cringe worthy habits I bet. So with all that being said, here are my tips and tricks (if you so choose to read them!)

I told myself to do this every morning for ... basically the rest of my life. Hot water and a half of lemon (squeeze the juice) and put the whole half in. Now there are a bunch of benefits to this including it helps you wake up in the morning due to the sour punch (haha!), but mostly you can read them here (click on here). I am not saying don't drink coffee or do other breakfast foods that you may normally do (I mean... if you truly want to cut back than of course cut those out), but if you do this first... it just gives you a boost!

Okay, this may sound biased coming from me (since I am Korean) but I LOVE asian cuisine... and sorry, I do love it more than other types of cuisines. Probably if I were to list in order:

  1. Korean/Japanese
  2. Chinese/Vietnamese (Pho)
  3. Mediterranean/Indian (mainly curry dishes)
  4. American (barbecue, creole dishes, etc...)
  5. Mexican
  6. Italian
  7. Rest

Asian cuisine uses a lot of fermented, pickling elements. Kimchi is a favorite Korean side dish (it is eaten with everything!) and all it is, pickled-fermented cabbage with other items mixed in. There are many health benefits with kimchi (here), but mostly because they eat it as a side dish (not a potato... or something else that is more hard to digest). So I eat a lot of asian food that also means rice versus a harder starch. Rice digests much more easily I feel and it fills me up faster! I sometimes make my husband and son a meal, but I tend to cook myself a more asian meal.

WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES! Huh? "I am uncomfortable in tight clothes" ... "I want to be comfortable" ... okay, let's cut the excuses. I will go home and change into comfortable clothes after dinner to start getting my son ready for bed. BUT - during the day, if at work, or just before 8 PM let's say... wear tighter clothes. WHY??? Because if it is making you feel uncomfortable... that will be a constant reminder to work out that day, or eat a little less that day. If your clothes are bigger on you, than you won't feel so bad having another snack or splurging at lunch. If your clothes are a big tighter on you... than you will feel more conscientious about eating more than you know you should. When I know I have been bad and over indulging myself.. my clothes are tighter... but instead of putting on my "comfy" pair of jeans or leggings... I technically punish myself in keeping those tight fitting bottoms/shirt on... as a reminder that I need to be careful for the next week or weeks.

Okay... my last tip for this blog (I have way more... but I only want to share a few right off the bat.. I don't need to make this into a lecture)... BUT this is my hidden trick. You may think this is silly at first, but again, this is my habits and I am most of the time, happy with my size 2/4 frame. Often times, when we go out to eat, or I know I am going out to a restaurant with husband or friends, or whatever the occasion may be; I snack before. WHAT? That makes no sense? Well, here is my logic: if I eat somewhat of a healthy snack (usually I snack on pretzel chips with hummus) and than go to dinner... I won't be so tempted to over indulge versus when I have gone to restaurants STARVING! You may also think, well what if you still over indulge and now you ate twice because of snacking prior... my answer to you is this.. if you are thinking that; than you have more of a problem than what my tips/tricks can help you with. The whole idea of a healthy snack before restaurant is to cut the craving so you won't maybe order appetizer or eat the roll or have dessert. It is the same logic of not going to the grocery store when you are hungry.. you will overbuy!

Again, these are just some of my personal tips and tricks. I hope you enjoyed them and I will share more in future posts!

September 20, 2017 by Jessica Hill


As a mom (omoni) to a crazy 2 1/2 year old boy... believe me, all I want to do is wear sweats/leggings, tennis shoes and a shirt that I won't care if it gets stains. I want to throw my hair in a pony tail and not wear any make up. BUT... I don't, because even I deserve a few minutes in the morning or whenever to treat myself and make myself feel pretty. Being a MOM doesn't mean you should let yourself go... in fact, I believe it means the opposite. I am sorry that this may offend... but it is okay sometimes to just be casual, not look your best, etc... but don't make it a habit. Take pride in yourself, your looks, your outlook at life... your child sees more than you know. When you feel gross... you are not putting your best foot forward. You may behave slightly in a different way than when you feel amazing and confident. As a daughter... I could always tell when my mom did not feel confident... and what we want most (as a child, as a mother, as a friend) is for you to put your best foot forward so you feel prepared, ready to conquer... and normally that means doing a little something.. like throwing on mascara and lipstick.. throwing on your favorite (comfy) jeans with a flattering top (still wear cute sneakers to be comfortable!)... a little difference will truly add that pep in your step!

See below for some of our favorite OMONI (mom) looks that range from casual cute to ultimate glam MOM!

Another problem is when you are pregnant... you feel "why waste the money on pieces that I will never wear again or until I am pregnant again?" ... I get it! I felt that way when I felt like a blob being pregnant. But I realized I needed to spend money anyway on clothing for my big butt... so why not spend money on pieces that I could still wear after pregnancy. I invested in gorgeous oversized sweaters that I knew I would wear after pregnancy with skinnies or leggings... or gorgeous maxi dresses that cover the bump as well as I could wear for that much deserved vacation after our baby was born! Here are some of our favorite pieces that would work well with a growing belly, but also you would love to wear after your baby is born!

August 03, 2017 by Jessica Hill


What is my favorite season? Hands down... Fall. I love not only the temperatures, but the color and falling of the leaves... I love the sunsets and sunrises, and the crisp air that is not cold enough to see your breath, but not warm to feel thick in your lungs. What else do I love about Fall? Absolutely the clothes.

Sweaters and denim is my go to outfit (anytime, any where!) and we have plenty of options coming this season! Take a look below to see the beautiful, cozy and stylish pieces we will be getting in this season!


What are some of your favorite Fall outfits? Here are some upcoming cooler weather looks that we love!

Vintage & Statement Furs (Faux Fur in our case.. we love animals!)

Velvet / Crushed Velour Pleated Skirts! And Midi Lengths are Coming in Big!

High Neck and Wide Sleeves

Tell us what you would like to see this coming Fall & Winter!

July 24, 2017 by Jessica Hill


Watching the weather forecast, steaming clothes, placing and replacing decor pieces, mopping, dusting, tagging... just barely scratching the surface on all the prep work for our grand opening of Uptown OMONI Boutique in Bay City! We are so excited to be finally open in the beautiful Riverfront area, and grateful to everyone who came out and supported us on our grand opening day!

But first, let us take you to the beginning.

Working with the team of SSP Development, we came up with the concept of UPTOWN being a minimalist, modern and edgy woman. OLD TOWN OMONI is for the romantic woman, who loves the old Hollywood glamour style and daily casual wear. UPTOWN was for the woman that are not afraid to be the center of attention, and does so effortlessly. What you see from Day 1 to Day 30 (yes, all this was done within 30 days!) is the transformation of a dream coming true!

Not to say the road was smooth and without problems... there were some definite downs through the process, and major stressed out moments. But, if there is no hardships... than the grand opening would not have been so fulfilling!

We worked with Higher Image Design of Saginaw to create our amazing outdoor lit sign, along with indoor and the suspended glass shelving unit (it is absolutely stunning in person as well!)

Late nights until 1 or 2 am, along with sacrifices made by family and time spent... the Grand Opening was not just a celebration of another dream coming true... but a joint effort of family, friends and strangers offering their services, their expertise and wanting to see a small business grow. Thank you to Eleven Creative MI, Ashley Hoffman for helping to capture these beautiful photos of UPTOWN!

We hope to see you out in UPTOWN and visit us in OLD TOWN, you will find two very different concept stores, both with gorgeous clothing & accessories... and you won't be disappointed!

Online website will be updated soon to feature both collections!

June 06, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Flower Crown Work Shop

Flower Crown Work Shop

We are a little behind in posting... okay, okay. We are a LOT behind! The Flower Crown  Work Shop hosted by Grohman's Flower Shop, The HSS Feed and OMONI Boutique was a wonderful success! 12 ladies learned how to put together gorgeous flower crowns using real flowers supplied by Grohman's, which  made it all the better. The cost was $35 which included light snacks and sips, all the materials and instructions by Grohman's owner. Ashley Hoffman from Eleven Creative MI photography was generous enough to donate her time and talent, and helped capture the moments!

We absolutely loved the idea of making flower crowns in April... perfect introduction into Spring and warmer weather ahead. The boho, girly photo out in nature is a must for all fashion lovers and influencers as well as a girls night out statement piece (and a flower crown definitely qualifies for a statement piece!). In addition we had fun raffles and a special discount for all flower crown workshop attendees... all resulting in this event receiving such great feedback! Stay tuned for another flower crown workshop because we will for sure be hosting another one before this year is out!

Email us if you are interested in our next Flower Crown Work Shop at info@omoniboutique.com

Spring 2017 Photoshoot

Spring 2017 Photoshoot

One of my favorite things to do as an upscale women's boutique store owner is to plan events and photo shoots to promote my store and brand. As a former meetings and event planner, I feel right at home when I create a "First Look" party or Holiday Open House promotion. Photo shoots were another engine that I had such a great time learning and executing. 

[Stone Fox Swim One Piece : $190.00 (made in US) | Bella Dahl Denim Bomber : $195.00 (made in US) | Johnny Fly Co. Sunglasses : $120.00 | Pink Martini Booties : $82.00]

[ASTR the Label Samantha Dress : $106.00 | Ettika Earrings : $30.00]

I was searching for a photographer in the Michigan area that understood the imagery I was trying to portray: editorial, high fashion shoots. I was lucky when I stumbled upon Laur Nash Photography through my hourly instagram browsing. Upon seeing her instafeed and website... I knew I had to work with her, that she "gets it". 

Laur was not only immensely talented and professional, but she was also very helpful and provided great feedback to both myself and the models. She also knew how to capture my store's images and even made me look somewhat "modelesque" for my about me page. 

[Moon River : Crochet Lace Dress : $95.00 | Ettika Luxe Choker : $120.00 | Pink Martini Wedges : $65.00]

Why and Are photo shoots important? I firmly believe they ARE important because everyone is a visual shopper. You can describe your store's aesthetic and products all you want... but one image can kill or elevate your store and draw customer's attention. You want to engage your customers... and because I can't go out and always meet or see each person (although I wish I could!), Social Media is a great way of communicating with my community and shoppers; and photo shoots help promote that communication.

[ASTR the Label Top : $88.00 | Henry & Belle : White Coated Ankle Zip Denim : $198.00 | Johnny Fly Co Sunglasses : $140.00 | Shiraleah Chicago Tote : $80.00 | Ettika Choker : $40.00]

[Honey Punch Dress : $68.00 | Shiraleah Beach Tote : SOLD OUT]

Model: @heyangg | Hair + Makeup: @rosebellebeauty | Stylist: @jesseunjoo

Photographer: @laurnash

March 13, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Boutique Etiquette (In-Store Experience)

Boutique Etiquette (In-Store Experience)

At OMONI Boutique we want to make sure you feel as special as you are. The moment you walk through our door, we are there to cater to your styling needs and make you feel at home. Our main goal is to ensure you walk away having a great experience and to help us with this; some guidelines we want to follow and ask of your understanding as well.

1. We are a moderate, upscale boutique. All of our items are carefully selected and price ranges from $50-$150 for most items. We ask when you view our collections, to please be mindful if you are eating or drinking. We also encourage asking for assistance trying on a form fitting piece to avoid getting deodorant or makeup on, as well as we love to help style you and provide feedback if you request!

2. Boutiques are best known for having not-so-big labels that are unique and carrying limited stock so the whole world cannot copy your look. We normally carry only 6 in quantity for most styles. Due to this, we can only offer to HOLD items no more than 24 hours. If you love a piece so much and are worried if you cannot get to the store in time, we offer free in-store pick up as a solution. You are able to purchase easily online, than we will package it up and hold it in the back for you. You can come in to the store and try on without fear of it selling out. HOWEVER, please keep in mind the return/exchange policy still applies within 15 days of the DATE SOLD.

3. We take pride in our large fitting rooms! We want you to be comfortable and have the ability to move around in the clothes you are trying on, to take selfies, or to invite your friend or have your children in there when needed. We kindly ask if it is a busy day, to be conscientious of others who may be waiting for a fitting room due to being a small boutique, we only have 2 rooms available. We also strongly suggest to limit the amount of clothes you bring in at once, or allow our stylists to set aside or return items you are not interested in. It will also help you narrow pieces that you absolutely love as well!

4. Return/Exchange Policies : our policies can be found on your receipt and online, and we enforce them. However, we understand each case is unique and with customer service being our number one goal, we will try and accommodate you as best as we can.

5. Last but not least, customer experience is our number one goal. We love feedback; good or constructive! As a moderate upscale boutique, our goal is to ensure you feel your investments are worth it. We stand by our quality and labels. This does not mean from time to time, there can be mistakes in manufacturing that passes our eye. If any manufacturing mistakes are found (not to be confused with wear and tear... which shouldn't happen unless you are doing a triathalon in the clothing!) please bring it to our attention and we will take care of you! 

We cannot wait to open our second store in Uptown Bay City, MI this summer! We hope this post will provide you with helpful information and show you how dedicated we are to providing you with top notch customer experience. See you all soon!

February 24, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Think Spring at OMONI

Think Spring at OMONI

It is finally getting warmer here in Michigan (although, I will not be surprised if it blizzards the next day) but the warm weather has definitely got us excited for Spring and Summer this year! I am seeing a lot of linen, muslin and muted colors such as a pale, light mint, dusty blues, army greens, and warm tones of yellows and reds. I will never be into neon or very bright colors... sorry, that is not going to happen.

Spring/Summer shoes are my favorite styles of footwear (in Fall/Winter I live in Uggs and Booties) and I love to wear everything from flats, wedges to thick heel sandals. 

Come visit our store and see the brighter decor, our vine wall, our palm trees and imagine yourself whisked away to the beach. We have a $20 rack going all this month and next with amazing deals on premium brands (you won't find lower prices online!).

Oh, did we mention we are carrying swimwear as well? Not just any kind, these are extremely flattering pieces that are unique and celebrity favorites!

We hope to see you in-store!! (and of course online if you cannot make it in! free shipping on orders over $100 and always free returns)

February 14, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Pay More For Less .... Trust Me On This

Pay More For Less .... Trust Me On This

You did not read that wrong. I mean every word... but I am talking about material things! I 100% recommend, endorse and promote paying more for high quality, well-made, eco-friendly items than paying less for pieces that will fall apart within a week, made cheaply out of even cheaper material, can irritate your skin, and most important that does not flatter your body! If that means you save up and "invest" in just one or two items that will last a lot longer, that you will love more and will flatter your body more than buying 3 or 4 or more pieces for less and then in two weeks, you realize how poorly made and unflattering it suits you!

Biggest example are jeans! I used to buy $50-$80 pair of jeans that would stretch out, sag, make my bottom look lower than it was, the zipper are would create an odd looking bump, and so forth. So when I saved up to buy my first designer, expensive pair of jeans... I just knew I could never go back. I finally got my husband on board, he too did not believe in buying expensive clothes... until he tried a better made (higher priced) pair of jeans... and now they are the only ones he wears. (I finally convinced him to buy another one!)

Here at OMONI that is what we firmly believe. We believe in high end pieces and even higher end customer service. We want you to leave our store feeling giddy about what you bought. We want you to be confident, feel elevated and glamorous.

HOWEVER, we do realize time to time, there can be manufacturing mistakes... our return policy for in-store and online is 15 days of purchase, with receipt and tags still on. If you find a manufacturing error with your item (within 15 days) and threw away your receipt and tags, we will provide store credit for you. Being a local business, we of course will always try to accommodate your needs and rely on your conscious being your guide. If you wear your item, tear it on the first night (we've all had those nights having one too many!), or you know it was done not by the store or the manufacturer ... we understand it is very upsetting, especially if you just bought it! But again, we will leave that to your conscious of the right thing to do. 

Below are some of our favorite labels and pieces that we feel you should save up to buy... because they are made incredibly well, flattering and you will love for years to come!

Henry & Belle premium denim ranges from $150 - $200. Like other premium jeans I have worn (Rag & Bone, AG, Paige, J Brand) ... these have stretch, they are form fitting, they do not stretch out or lose their color, and most importantly... they make the butt look good! Their pockets are placed slightly higher to create the illusion or accentuate your bottom to lift it higher and look perky (what girl does not want that?) Obviously doing a few lunges here and there doesn't hurt either, right ladies?

At $195 for this ultra-luxe denim bomber by Bella Dahl... you might think it is crazy! The reason for the expense is due to the trademarked wash process owned by Bella Dahl, which produces incredibly soft denim that cannot be reproduced (at least not legally). This denim bomber is thick, warm, has intricate detailing from the thick knitted denim sleeves, to the 'worn' quilted denim stitching and really, a one-of-a-kind piece that you will cherish in your closet for years to come. We love to pair it with an all black or white outfit, jeans (denim on denim) and camo pieces.

Another favorite is this black jumpsuit from ASTR the Label. We are freaking in LOVE! This jumpsuit is so well designed, flattering and such a STATEMENT piece! This piece is made for a confident, strong woman who will not be afraid to have all eyes on her (and believe me, everyone will be staring in envy and awe!). This is a knockout outfit that will be in style, next year and the year after that! Just bring it out occasionally when you know you have to command the scene. Was $120 but now currently on sale for $109, but hurry, only 3 left!

Cupcakes and Cashmere is another brand that boasts of well made, high quality pieces... and yes, they can be pricey... but their pieces are absolutely flattering and feel ultra plush. You will feel elevated once you try on this premium coat, that can be worn 3 ways! A beautiful faux fur vest, a charcoal parka (worn in slightly warmer weather, perfect for spring and fall) and then all together as one beautiful jacket. Was $225 but currently on sale for $199 (four left!) and this will be your favorite winter/fall/spring item for years to come!

We hope you enjoy reading OMONI's blog and continue following for future articles; such as Upscale Boutique Etiquette, Shopping For A Cause, How to Throw an Event (and Look Fabulous) and much more!


February 03, 2017 by Jessica Hill