Why I Don't Follow Trends, and Neither Should You

I used to love buying and reading style magazines, style watch, VOGUE, BAZAAR, and all the other overpriced, ad pumped 'catalogs' so to speak. I would read up on the upcoming trends, what the hot new piece of clothing was, who was wearing it and why I must have it. Maybe perhaps it is due to getting older (gasp!), or becoming pickier on what I put on my body, but I realized trends are a waste of money.

HOWEVER - this is not me saying, don't buy clothes that are trending... absolutely not! This is me saying, don't buy clothes merely because they are on trend. (AND I don't use the word buy for clothes... INVEST!) Invest in clothes that will compliment your shape, your height, your curves or no curves, your boob size, your butt size, a short torso, a long torso, and you get the picture. You are investing in your image, you are a walking advertisement for whatever you are trying to accomplish; finding a partner, excelling at work, making someone jealous... invest in yourself and only in things that will make you feel better about YOU! If they happen to be trending at the time, great! And if they are not trending... that is ok, because as long as you feel confident in what you wear (and I firmly believe buying well made, structurally flattering clothes is key), then you don't need to follow any trends; YOU are the TREND!

Below are some 'trends' that will or won't work, and what trends I did not like but could work for some!

Crop Tops are trends, almost always paired with high-waist pants/jeans (also another trend). For me... this wasn't one of my favorites only because I didn't like how high-waist pants/jeans fit on me, and since I do have a fairly generous boob size (full C) - sometimes crop tops can accentuate my chest area more than I like. HOWEVER, I recommend this if you are tall, lanky and smaller chested ... or petite and smaller chested... basically smaller chested is the key.

Denim on Denim: I love this trend and hope it doesn't go away... or even if it does, then sorry to say, I will not be following suit because I love denim on denim any day! My favorite pairings is a loose fitted button up denim top, tucked in ever so 'effortlessly' into your favorite pair of skinnies and heels.

Bell Bottoms & Wide Legged Pants: I am not about bell bottoms, but I do like wide legged pants... in moderation. Too wide can be too costume-ish, and bell bottoms.. well, I never really liked them, ever. Why have all that access material by your ankle and feet? I felt bell bottoms were not complimentary to most body types... unless you are trying to hide cankles?

Wide leg pants done well

Wide legged pants, a little too much

Structured Shoulders and Bell Sleeve: My vote is absolutely! A structured shoulder is very complimentary for most women, slimming the arms and shoulders and giving off a more sleek profile. Bell sleeves are romantic and fun, but similar to wide leg pants, if done over the top, it can look costume-ish as well! Below are sleeves and shoulders that are flattering and structurally well designed!

Stay tuned for next blog when we review the hottest looks from runways... and please post your opinion and comments below! We love to hear back from you, and just know that is all what fashion is, opinions and your own personal outlook.

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