Spirit Animal Necklace (FINAL SALE)


Answer these questions truthfully and we recommend going with your first gut reaction; make sure to write down your letters! Find out your true Spirit Animal (each animal comes with a note describing your animal spirit)

1. Would you rather go out with friends or chill at home?

  • Go Out (E)
  • Chill at Home (I)

2. When taking in new information, do you base off your 5 senses or look at the big picture?

  • I use my 5 senses (S)
  • I look at the bigger picture (N)

3. When making up your mind do you rely on logic or emotion?

  • I rely mostly on logic (T)
  • I rely mostly on emotion (F)

4. Would you rather have your life be planned out or spontaneously driven?

  • I rather have my life planned out (J)
  • I'd rather have my life spontaneously driven (P)

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