Weeknd Candle

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This candle has a smooth, elegant blend of fresh orchids, calming notes of jasmine, citrus, musk and a hint of creamy vanilla. Jasmine is known for relieving stress and can help your body release chemicals to relax or improve your mood. Also comes with a gorgeous luxe capsule, making it a perfect gift for you or someone else!

All of the candles are handmade, hand poured and freshly crafted in small batches in DETROIT with the best quality soy and phthalate free ingredients. Soy is renewable, biodegradable (unlike petroleum-based paraffin) and helps create economic growth. Soy wax also burns cleaner without getting nasty carbon soot on walls and ceilings and has no toxins thrown into the air you breathe.

12THANDVIV was created in 2015 by Regina, a busy licensed esthetician looking for organic, better quality and products that make you feel good physically and mentally. Product are all made in DETROIT, Michigan.