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High Waist and How It Can Work For You

High Waist and How It Can Work For You

You have probably seen a lot of high-waist pieces coming through the fashion pipe line. From high-waist shorts, jeans, wide leg pants and skirts/dresses... here is why this trend is going to last.

High-waist is not just for "moms/omoni's" anymore. Not only does it offer comfort to every female, but it also flatters most figures! Low-waist jeans always cut the visual line of sight at the widest part of your body (your hips)... and what girl wants that? A high-waist offers the eye sight to go from the floor all the way up to the skinniest part of your body (your actual waist) thus longating your legs and visually creating a taller, leaner figure. Let us answer your concerns below in a more bullet, straight to the point fashion:

  • I have a long torso: ... High-waist is PERFECT for you! It shortens the torso and creates a more asymmetrical figure shape (see Kate Middleton examples below)

The lower line makes her torso seem extra long and gives her a "boxy" shape.

This higher waist line evens out her longer torso and give a more flattering look!

  • I have a well endowed chest: high-waist can still work for you, but as long as you keep your tops more tight fitted versus going for a flowy top. This will help in keeping the shape of a skinny waist and (lucky you) well endowed chest area. If you want to reduce the chest area size, than go for a button up tucked in and with more of a puffy sleeve.
  • I'm too short: high-waist can definitely still work for you! Just make sure you look for bottoms that are either shorter (if it is shorts or skirts) or if a longer skirt or jeans, make sure they cut off at your ankle. You don't want to go too long on your bottoms so that way it gives the illusion of a taller figure.
  • I have a wide waist: measure your waist area... find the skinniest part of your body and measure from your pelvic area to the skinniest part. Typically a "high-waist" is around 10 inches and falls just shy of your belly button. But everyone is made different; the key is to find where your skinniest part of your waist is, and find a high-waist that cuts it off right at that point!

We hope we answered some of your questions, but always feel free to reach out to us! Below are some of our favorite high-waisted pieces currently in stock at OMONI Boutique! Click on photos to be taken directly to the item!

Thank you and until next time!

Jessica, Owner

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