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Curated Collections for Women who "Never Hesitate to Always Elevate"

OMONI is to honor the first influencer of our lives; our Mothers. Pronounced "oh-muh-knee" in Korean, the owner was adopted from South Korea and raised in Michigan by an independent, beautiful, brave and strong OMONI.

Past Winner of "Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay Region" award for Best Boutique, OMONI in Uptown Bay City strives to uphold their values in quality over quantity, service over sales and promoting elevated styles no matter where you come from or where you are going or what stage of life you are in!

We carefully hand select each brand for quality, design and craftsmanship to carry in our store. We do not take credit for others' work, but instead, we WORK to try and find brands that best represent our aesthetics of meticulous detailing, flattering fit and elevated finish. We believe in classic styles that you will love for years with elevated finishings to make them special in their own way, just like YOU! We offer worldwide shipping and have shipped to over 40 states and 7 countries since opening our online portal in 2016!

My OMONI always said I had "champagne taste" and well, I couldn't agree more!

My passion for clothes came when I was just 8 years old. I remember wanting a “Charlotte Hornets Starter Jacket” (they were all the rage back then) and even more so because I had a bully who wore a Detroit Lions Starter Jacket. I felt that if she saw me in my own starter jacket, she would think “this girl and I have something in common" and not bully me anymore. I grew up wanting to fit in or even blending in. I was adopted when I was 5 years old out of an orphanage in Seoul, South Korea by a single working woman in Michigan who wanted a child. I felt out of place at times, awkward and unsure of myself. She took on the challenge of all this; she embraced me with unfaltering love and showed me the kindness of the world. When I lost her to cancer in 2015, I wanted to honor her in some way and that is how OMONI, Korean for Mother, came about.

Because of my Mom, I learned to be confident on my own and feel great about my differences. Fashion and Style just help to empower and express my daily feelings. I love pieces that look classic and minimalistic; and when you get close, you can see all the hard work, the precision and the high level of detailing that goes into each item we select. I am honored to style you and thank you so much for shopping at OMONI.

 - Jessica, Owner