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As a mom (omoni) to a crazy 2 1/2 year old boy... believe me, all I want to do is wear sweats/leggings, tennis shoes and a shirt that I won't care if it gets stains. I want to throw my hair in a pony tail and not wear any make up. BUT... I don't, because even I deserve a few minutes in the morning or whenever to treat myself and make myself feel pretty. Being a MOM doesn't mean you should let yourself go... in fact, I believe it means the opposite. I am sorry that this may offend... but it is okay sometimes to just be casual, not look your best, etc... but don't make it a habit. Take pride in yourself, your looks, your outlook at life... your child sees more than you know. When you feel gross... you are not putting your best foot forward. You may behave slightly in a different way than when you feel amazing and confident. As a daughter... I could always tell when my mom did not feel confident... and what we want most (as a child, as a mother, as a friend) is for you to put your best foot forward so you feel prepared, ready to conquer... and normally that means doing a little something.. like throwing on mascara and lipstick.. throwing on your favorite (comfy) jeans with a flattering top (still wear cute sneakers to be comfortable!)... a little difference will truly add that pep in your step!

See below for some of our favorite OMONI (mom) looks that range from casual cute to ultimate glam MOM!

Another problem is when you are pregnant... you feel "why waste the money on pieces that I will never wear again or until I am pregnant again?" ... I get it! I felt that way when I felt like a blob being pregnant. But I realized I needed to spend money anyway on clothing for my big butt... so why not spend money on pieces that I could still wear after pregnancy. I invested in gorgeous oversized sweaters that I knew I would wear after pregnancy with skinnies or leggings... or gorgeous maxi dresses that cover the bump as well as I could wear for that much deserved vacation after our baby was born! Here are some of our favorite pieces that would work well with a growing belly, but also you would love to wear after your baby is born!

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  • Morgan Mendoza

    You guys have a lovely collection!

  • dhvzishfhe

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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