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Boutique Etiquette (In-Store Experience)

Boutique Etiquette (In-Store Experience)

At OMONI Boutique we want to make sure you feel as special as you are. The moment you walk through our door, we are there to cater to your styling needs and make you feel at home. Our main goal is to ensure you walk away having a great experience and to help us with this; some guidelines we want to follow and ask of your understanding as well.

1. We are a moderate, upscale boutique. All of our items are carefully selected and price ranges from $50-$150 for most items. We ask when you view our collections, to please be mindful if you are eating or drinking. We also encourage asking for assistance trying on a form fitting piece to avoid getting deodorant or makeup on, as well as we love to help style you and provide feedback if you request!

2. Boutiques are best known for having not-so-big labels that are unique and carrying limited stock so the whole world cannot copy your look. We normally carry only 6 in quantity for most styles. Due to this, we can only offer to HOLD items no more than 24 hours. If you love a piece so much and are worried if you cannot get to the store in time, we offer free in-store pick up as a solution. You are able to purchase easily online, than we will package it up and hold it in the back for you. You can come in to the store and try on without fear of it selling out. HOWEVER, please keep in mind the return/exchange policy still applies within 15 days of the DATE SOLD.

3. We take pride in our large fitting rooms! We want you to be comfortable and have the ability to move around in the clothes you are trying on, to take selfies, or to invite your friend or have your children in there when needed. We kindly ask if it is a busy day, to be conscientious of others who may be waiting for a fitting room due to being a small boutique, we only have 2 rooms available. We also strongly suggest to limit the amount of clothes you bring in at once, or allow our stylists to set aside or return items you are not interested in. It will also help you narrow pieces that you absolutely love as well!

4. Return/Exchange Policies : our policies can be found on your receipt and online, and we enforce them. However, we understand each case is unique and with customer service being our number one goal, we will try and accommodate you as best as we can.

5. Last but not least, customer experience is our number one goal. We love feedback; good or constructive! As a moderate upscale boutique, our goal is to ensure you feel your investments are worth it. We stand by our quality and labels. This does not mean from time to time, there can be mistakes in manufacturing that passes our eye. If any manufacturing mistakes are found (not to be confused with wear and tear... which shouldn't happen unless you are doing a triathalon in the clothing!) please bring it to our attention and we will take care of you! 

We cannot wait to open our second store in Uptown Bay City, MI this summer! We hope this post will provide you with helpful information and show you how dedicated we are to providing you with top notch customer experience. See you all soon!

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