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Champagne Taste

Champagne Taste

My OMONI always told me I had 'champagne taste' ... and it wasn't necessarily in a good way. Being raised by a single mother on a teacher's salary did not allow me to indulge in what I really wanted (or thought I had wanted). I remember vividly a big argument ensued after asking my mom for money to buy new jeans, and she gave me $25 dollars. I was incredulous, impudent and lacked the respect that most teenagers do towards their parents, during this stage. Little did I know that she was teaching me, and instilling in me tools that would make me a successful buyer (and person) that I feel I am today.

Because I had to be wary of money growing up and really value what my money went towards, it made me look more closely at what I was investing in. I feel I am naturally drawn to pieces that are well made, designed with thought and made to fit and last. However, I definitely am not the one to pay top dollar for this, nor can I and most people. Certainly I want to splurge sometimes, but most often, I just want to know the pieces I buy will flatter me, make me feel more confident, will last and not break the bank or put me in severe credit card debt, lol!

As a buyer I look for everything I mentioned above; high quality pieces, made with thought and purpose, flattering to a woman's body and within a budget friendly arena. Below are some of my favorite pieces that are made supremely well and the most flattering fit to various types of body styles!

Z Supply Basics : Z Supply is a company out of California that provides signature washes and dyes, unique to their label. You won't be able to find quite exactly their colors anywhere else, which makes their brand so cool... yet they are quite affordable! Often their basics and line of shirts, dresses, pullovers, joggers and much more (including men) range from $20-$50. I stumbled upon them at MAGIC fashion trade show back in August 2016, their booth was packed and I knew this was something special! They have been OMONI's top sellers ever since!

Bella Dahl : Bella Dahl has their own trademarked wash and fabrication system called Tencera. Made from Tencel fabric (we are in love with this fabric and have orders other styles, coming soon!) and with their secret process of washing and manufacturing; the result is an unbelievable soft denim texture! They also put a lot of thought into their design, making it very flattering on women's bodies and include extra unique details that make it special (such as an open criss-cross back or button up back). This luxurious denim bomber is the quintessential Bella Dahl piece, exquisitely designed with the thick knitted sleeves and quilted denim fabric. 

A lot of natural 'muslin' type clothing is coming out this Spring/Summer season. We have seen it on runways and in future designers line ups. Moon River has done a great job using this often 'common and plain' fabric and turning it into a well formed design that is perfect for women who want a bit of romanticism that is made to last.


All these can be found in our store and online. We hope to see you in our brick & mortar store on 108 N. Michigan Avenue, in Saginaw, MI 48602 or visit us online at to find all your needs from simple basics for layering to a jaw dropping, statement piece!

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