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Pay More For Less .... Trust Me On This

Pay More For Less .... Trust Me On This

You did not read that wrong. I mean every word... but I am talking about material things! I 100% recommend, endorse and promote paying more for high quality, well-made, eco-friendly items than paying less for pieces that will fall apart within a week, made cheaply out of even cheaper material, can irritate your skin, and most important that does not flatter your body! If that means you save up and "invest" in just one or two items that will last a lot longer, that you will love more and will flatter your body more than buying 3 or 4 or more pieces for less and then in two weeks, you realize how poorly made and unflattering it suits you!

Biggest example are jeans! I used to buy $50-$80 pair of jeans that would stretch out, sag, make my bottom look lower than it was, the zipper are would create an odd looking bump, and so forth. So when I saved up to buy my first designer, expensive pair of jeans... I just knew I could never go back. I finally got my husband on board, he too did not believe in buying expensive clothes... until he tried a better made (higher priced) pair of jeans... and now they are the only ones he wears. (I finally convinced him to buy another one!)

Here at OMONI that is what we firmly believe. We believe in high end pieces and even higher end customer service. We want you to leave our store feeling giddy about what you bought. We want you to be confident, feel elevated and glamorous.

HOWEVER, we do realize time to time, there can be manufacturing mistakes... our return policy for in-store and online is 15 days of purchase, with receipt and tags still on. If you find a manufacturing error with your item (within 15 days) and threw away your receipt and tags, we will provide store credit for you. Being a local business, we of course will always try to accommodate your needs and rely on your conscious being your guide. If you wear your item, tear it on the first night (we've all had those nights having one too many!), or you know it was done not by the store or the manufacturer ... we understand it is very upsetting, especially if you just bought it! But again, we will leave that to your conscious of the right thing to do. 

Below are some of our favorite labels and pieces that we feel you should save up to buy... because they are made incredibly well, flattering and you will love for years to come!

Henry & Belle premium denim ranges from $150 - $200. Like other premium jeans I have worn (Rag & Bone, AG, Paige, J Brand) ... these have stretch, they are form fitting, they do not stretch out or lose their color, and most importantly... they make the butt look good! Their pockets are placed slightly higher to create the illusion or accentuate your bottom to lift it higher and look perky (what girl does not want that?) Obviously doing a few lunges here and there doesn't hurt either, right ladies?

At $195 for this ultra-luxe denim bomber by Bella Dahl... you might think it is crazy! The reason for the expense is due to the trademarked wash process owned by Bella Dahl, which produces incredibly soft denim that cannot be reproduced (at least not legally). This denim bomber is thick, warm, has intricate detailing from the thick knitted denim sleeves, to the 'worn' quilted denim stitching and really, a one-of-a-kind piece that you will cherish in your closet for years to come. We love to pair it with an all black or white outfit, jeans (denim on denim) and camo pieces.

Another favorite is this black jumpsuit from ASTR the Label. We are freaking in LOVE! This jumpsuit is so well designed, flattering and such a STATEMENT piece! This piece is made for a confident, strong woman who will not be afraid to have all eyes on her (and believe me, everyone will be staring in envy and awe!). This is a knockout outfit that will be in style, next year and the year after that! Just bring it out occasionally when you know you have to command the scene. Was $120 but now currently on sale for $109, but hurry, only 3 left!

Cupcakes and Cashmere is another brand that boasts of well made, high quality pieces... and yes, they can be pricey... but their pieces are absolutely flattering and feel ultra plush. You will feel elevated once you try on this premium coat, that can be worn 3 ways! A beautiful faux fur vest, a charcoal parka (worn in slightly warmer weather, perfect for spring and fall) and then all together as one beautiful jacket. Was $225 but currently on sale for $199 (four left!) and this will be your favorite winter/fall/spring item for years to come!

We hope you enjoy reading OMONI's blog and continue following for future articles; such as Upscale Boutique Etiquette, Shopping For A Cause, How to Throw an Event (and Look Fabulous) and much more!


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