The Colors of Fall 2016
Many of you have already seen these colors online, social media... and you probably have already gone out and bought some of these colors: mocha bisque, potter's clay, warm taupe, spicy mustard and dusty cedar. If you have not however... well then, come on in to OMONI Boutique or visit us online, because we were all over these colors this season!
Shearling Vest in Spicy Mustard and Potter's Clay colors
Potter's Clay Colors
We loved this color palette so much this season due to the warmth it brought to almost everyone's skin tone. These colors paired so well with various washes of jeans, either a light wash or but we do recommend a darker wash jean, or even all black outfit... you can not go wrong with these colors!
Oriana Top
J.O.A. Crop Sweater
Warm Taupe
Even our jewelry and accessories were reflecting these warm, organic and neutral earth tones. 
Shiraleah Porter Tote
The warm temperatures have lasted longer than normal here in Michigan, and in the Midwest; which can only mean one thing, we are headed for a long, dragged out winter. Stay tuned for our Holiday Picks and we will recommend the best dresses for various body types! 

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