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The Beginnings of OMONI Boutique | Renovation Process

The Beginnings of OMONI Boutique | Renovation Process

The process of opening my own business was not a smooth one (as I am sure most small business owners would agree). I had plans to be in Midland, MI, but long story...really, very short: that did not pan out.

I am so happy it did not. 

Having dinner at Pasong's in Old Town one evening, we saw a great space for rent. The feature photo you see was the original space. 108 N. Michigan Avenue in Old Town Saginaw used to be a cigar shop prior, and then even before that, it was a women's dress shop. From that day after it was full steam ahead.

In just two months we went from what you see, to a lease agreement, renovation process, ordering inventory, to the grand launch of OMONI Boutique. That was the transition of the physical store. Personally, I went from a stay at home mom of 2 years (I worked prior to giving birth to my son, but with the failing health of my mom on top of that, I didn't think twice that I needed to leave work) to a full-time, and even more so, business owner... oh, and did I mention we also moved houses as well? 

The craziest, busiest time of our lives it was for the past 3 months... but would I change a second of it? Absolutely not. Here is to great things for the future of OMONI and bringing a much needed 'big city vibe' void into Saginaw and the surrounding Tri-Cities area!


Week One/Two: drywall started and fitting rooms being built, along with wall partition
Week 1 of Store Renovation
Week Three/Four: drywall complete, getting ready for paint and floors

Week Four/Five/Six: paint and grey wash finish on floors
Week Seven/Eight: Inventory, Supplies, Furniture... the works! All the mirrored tables and shelving were made by family and myself, (mostly family, haha!).

Week Nine/Ten: Scrambling for all the finishing details and putting store together for Grand Opening Day! I couldn't be happier with how everything came together!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this dream a reality for me. I cannot express how grateful I will always be, and of course, my biggest gratitude to my mom, Oma (OMONI) for adopting me from Korea, for being the strongest, bravest and kindest woman I know. She is the reason I am able to pursue my dreams, and my goal is to make her proud of me as an owner, a mother, a wife and all around, just being a good person.
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  • Cheryl Leahy

    Jess- this is nothing short of a miracle. We are all so proud of you, and I know your mom is smiling down! I can’t wait to come see the store and will be here to support you with anything you need!

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