Watching the weather forecast, steaming clothes, placing and replacing decor pieces, mopping, dusting, tagging... just barely scratching the surface on all the prep work for our grand opening of Uptown OMONI Boutique in Bay City! We are so excited to be finally open in the beautiful Riverfront area, and grateful to everyone who came out and supported us on our grand opening day!

But first, let us take you to the beginning.

Working with the team of SSP Development, we came up with the concept of UPTOWN being a minimalist, modern and edgy woman. OLD TOWN OMONI is for the romantic woman, who loves the old Hollywood glamour style and daily casual wear. UPTOWN was for the woman that are not afraid to be the center of attention, and does so effortlessly. What you see from Day 1 to Day 30 (yes, all this was done within 30 days!) is the transformation of a dream coming true!

Not to say the road was smooth and without problems... there were some definite downs through the process, and major stressed out moments. But, if there is no hardships... than the grand opening would not have been so fulfilling!

We worked with Higher Image Design of Saginaw to create our amazing outdoor lit sign, along with indoor and the suspended glass shelving unit (it is absolutely stunning in person as well!)

Late nights until 1 or 2 am, along with sacrifices made by family and time spent... the Grand Opening was not just a celebration of another dream coming true... but a joint effort of family, friends and strangers offering their services, their expertise and wanting to see a small business grow. Thank you to Eleven Creative MI, Ashley Hoffman for helping to capture these beautiful photos of UPTOWN!

We hope to see you out in UPTOWN and visit us in OLD TOWN, you will find two very different concept stores, both with gorgeous clothing & accessories... and you won't be disappointed!

Online website will be updated soon to feature both collections!

June 06, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Flower Crown Work Shop

Flower Crown Work Shop

We are a little behind in posting... okay, okay. We are a LOT behind! The Flower Crown  Work Shop hosted by Grohman's Flower Shop, The HSS Feed and OMONI Boutique was a wonderful success! 12 ladies learned how to put together gorgeous flower crowns using real flowers supplied by Grohman's, which  made it all the better. The cost was $35 which included light snacks and sips, all the materials and instructions by Grohman's owner. Ashley Hoffman from Eleven Creative MI photography was generous enough to donate her time and talent, and helped capture the moments!

We absolutely loved the idea of making flower crowns in April... perfect introduction into Spring and warmer weather ahead. The boho, girly photo out in nature is a must for all fashion lovers and influencers as well as a girls night out statement piece (and a flower crown definitely qualifies for a statement piece!). In addition we had fun raffles and a special discount for all flower crown workshop attendees... all resulting in this event receiving such great feedback! Stay tuned for another flower crown workshop because we will for sure be hosting another one before this year is out!

Email us if you are interested in our next Flower Crown Work Shop at

Spring 2017 Photoshoot

Spring 2017 Photoshoot

One of my favorite things to do as an upscale women's boutique store owner is to plan events and photo shoots to promote my store and brand. As a former meetings and event planner, I feel right at home when I create a "First Look" party or Holiday Open House promotion. Photo shoots were another engine that I had such a great time learning and executing. 

[Stone Fox Swim One Piece : $190.00 (made in US) | Bella Dahl Denim Bomber : $195.00 (made in US) | Johnny Fly Co. Sunglasses : $120.00 | Pink Martini Booties : $82.00]

[ASTR the Label Samantha Dress : $106.00 | Ettika Earrings : $30.00]

I was searching for a photographer in the Michigan area that understood the imagery I was trying to portray: editorial, high fashion shoots. I was lucky when I stumbled upon Laur Nash Photography through my hourly instagram browsing. Upon seeing her instafeed and website... I knew I had to work with her, that she "gets it". 

Laur was not only immensely talented and professional, but she was also very helpful and provided great feedback to both myself and the models. She also knew how to capture my store's images and even made me look somewhat "modelesque" for my about me page. 

[Moon River : Crochet Lace Dress : $95.00 | Ettika Luxe Choker : $120.00 | Pink Martini Wedges : $65.00]

Why and Are photo shoots important? I firmly believe they ARE important because everyone is a visual shopper. You can describe your store's aesthetic and products all you want... but one image can kill or elevate your store and draw customer's attention. You want to engage your customers... and because I can't go out and always meet or see each person (although I wish I could!), Social Media is a great way of communicating with my community and shoppers; and photo shoots help promote that communication.

[ASTR the Label Top : $88.00 | Henry & Belle : White Coated Ankle Zip Denim : $198.00 | Johnny Fly Co Sunglasses : $140.00 | Shiraleah Chicago Tote : $80.00 | Ettika Choker : $40.00]

[Honey Punch Dress : $68.00 | Shiraleah Beach Tote : SOLD OUT]

Model: @heyangg | Hair + Makeup: @rosebellebeauty | Stylist: @jesseunjoo

Photographer: @laurnash

March 13, 2017 by Jessica Hill
Think Spring at OMONI

Think Spring at OMONI

It is finally getting warmer here in Michigan (although, I will not be surprised if it blizzards the next day) but the warm weather has definitely got us excited for Spring and Summer this year! I am seeing a lot of linen, muslin and muted colors such as a pale, light mint, dusty blues, army greens, and warm tones of yellows and reds. I will never be into neon or very bright colors... sorry, that is not going to happen.

Spring/Summer shoes are my favorite styles of footwear (in Fall/Winter I live in Uggs and Booties) and I love to wear everything from flats, wedges to thick heel sandals. 

Come visit our store and see the brighter decor, our vine wall, our palm trees and imagine yourself whisked away to the beach. We have a $20 rack going all this month and next with amazing deals on premium brands (you won't find lower prices online!).

Oh, did we mention we are carrying swimwear as well? Not just any kind, these are extremely flattering pieces that are unique and celebrity favorites!

We hope to see you in-store!! (and of course online if you cannot make it in! free shipping on orders over $100 and always free returns)

February 14, 2017 by Jessica Hill
The Beginnings of OMONI Boutique | Renovation Process

The Beginnings of OMONI Boutique | Renovation Process

The process of opening my own business was not a smooth one (as I am sure most small business owners would agree). I had plans to be in Midland, MI, but long story...really, very short: that did not pan out.

I am so happy it did not. 

Having dinner at Pasong's in Old Town one evening, we saw a great space for rent. The feature photo you see was the original space. 108 N. Michigan Avenue in Old Town Saginaw used to be a cigar shop prior, and then even before that, it was a women's dress shop. From that day after it was full steam ahead.

In just two months we went from what you see, to a lease agreement, renovation process, ordering inventory, to the grand launch of OMONI Boutique. That was the transition of the physical store. Personally, I went from a stay at home mom of 2 years (I worked prior to giving birth to my son, but with the failing health of my mom on top of that, I didn't think twice that I needed to leave work) to a full-time, and even more so, business owner... oh, and did I mention we also moved houses as well? 

The craziest, busiest time of our lives it was for the past 3 months... but would I change a second of it? Absolutely not. Here is to great things for the future of OMONI and bringing a much needed 'big city vibe' void into Saginaw and the surrounding Tri-Cities area!


Week One/Two: drywall started and fitting rooms being built, along with wall partition
Week 1 of Store Renovation
Week Three/Four: drywall complete, getting ready for paint and floors

Week Four/Five/Six: paint and grey wash finish on floors
Week Seven/Eight: Inventory, Supplies, Furniture... the works! All the mirrored tables and shelving were made by family and myself, (mostly family, haha!).

Week Nine/Ten: Scrambling for all the finishing details and putting store together for Grand Opening Day! I couldn't be happier with how everything came together!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this dream a reality for me. I cannot express how grateful I will always be, and of course, my biggest gratitude to my mom, Oma (OMONI) for adopting me from Korea, for being the strongest, bravest and kindest woman I know. She is the reason I am able to pursue my dreams, and my goal is to make her proud of me as an owner, a mother, a wife and all around, just being a good person.
November 16, 2016 by Jessica Hill