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Watching the weather forecast, steaming clothes, placing and replacing decor pieces, mopping, dusting, tagging... just barely scratching the surface on all the prep work for our grand opening of Uptown OMONI Boutique in Bay City! We are so excited to be finally open in the beautiful Riverfront area, and grateful to everyone who came out and supported us on our grand opening day!

But first, let us take you to the beginning.

Working with the team of SSP Development, we came up with the concept of UPTOWN being a minimalist, modern and edgy woman. OLD TOWN OMONI is for the romantic woman, who loves the old Hollywood glamour style and daily casual wear. UPTOWN was for the woman that are not afraid to be the center of attention, and does so effortlessly. What you see from Day 1 to Day 30 (yes, all this was done within 30 days!) is the transformation of a dream coming true!

Not to say the road was smooth and without problems... there were some definite downs through the process, and major stressed out moments. But, if there is no hardships... than the grand opening would not have been so fulfilling!

We worked with Higher Image Design of Saginaw to create our amazing outdoor lit sign, along with indoor and the suspended glass shelving unit (it is absolutely stunning in person as well!)

Late nights until 1 or 2 am, along with sacrifices made by family and time spent... the Grand Opening was not just a celebration of another dream coming true... but a joint effort of family, friends and strangers offering their services, their expertise and wanting to see a small business grow. Thank you to Eleven Creative MI, Ashley Hoffman for helping to capture these beautiful photos of UPTOWN!

We hope to see you out in UPTOWN and visit us in OLD TOWN, you will find two very different concept stores, both with gorgeous clothing & accessories... and you won't be disappointed!

Online website will be updated soon to feature both collections!

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