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Flower Crown Work Shop

Flower Crown Work Shop

We are a little behind in posting... okay, okay. We are a LOT behind! The Flower Crown  Work Shop hosted by Grohman's Flower Shop, The HSS Feed and OMONI Boutique was a wonderful success! 12 ladies learned how to put together gorgeous flower crowns using real flowers supplied by Grohman's, which  made it all the better. The cost was $35 which included light snacks and sips, all the materials and instructions by Grohman's owner. Ashley Hoffman from Eleven Creative MI photography was generous enough to donate her time and talent, and helped capture the moments!

We absolutely loved the idea of making flower crowns in April... perfect introduction into Spring and warmer weather ahead. The boho, girly photo out in nature is a must for all fashion lovers and influencers as well as a girls night out statement piece (and a flower crown definitely qualifies for a statement piece!). In addition we had fun raffles and a special discount for all flower crown workshop attendees... all resulting in this event receiving such great feedback! Stay tuned for another flower crown workshop because we will for sure be hosting another one before this year is out!

Email us if you are interested in our next Flower Crown Work Shop at

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